Past Perfect Future Tense
Magne f past perfect future tense
Magne F
Released September 2004
Recorded 2004
Length 46:03
Label Passionfruit
Producer Martin Terefe

"It all started out as an ordinary songwriting process in the wake of the last A-ha album, but all the way I've had this feeling that it was turning into a solo project. It was like an explosion in the back of my head. The tunes took on a whole new character, and when I began to sing them, the compositions appeared to me much cleared for me than before. All of it defined itself as a solo project with an entirely new persona."

A quote from Magne Furuholmen on his album Past Perfect Future Tense, released in 2004. This is the first solo album of Furuholmen as Magne F. Magne worked in this album with Coldplay members Will Champion and Guy Berryman.

These are not songs that one could imagine Morten Harket singing; this could never have been an A-ha album: it’s too personal, too painful. From the opening notes of the first track Obsolete, it’s clear that the tone and mood of Past Perfect Future Tense is very different to that that we had come to expect from Magne.