East of the Sun, West of the Moon
A-ha east of the sun west of the moon
Released October 1990
Recorded 1989-1990
Length 42:46
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Christopher Neil, Ian Stanley

East of the Sun, West of the Moon is the fourth album, released in 1990 by Norwegian band A-ha. It was seen by many as a departure from their old radio friendly sound to a darker, moodier tone, and is named after a Norwegian fairy tale.

A small surprise, too quickly destined for the cut-out bins considering the way their career finally went after Hunting High and Low. This is a nicely crafted collection of songs, performed and sung beautifully, with lots of echoes and suggestions tucked into the music. While not an album one can discuss at length, it's an album that's a pleasure to listen to and one that deserves a better reception than the one, unfortunately, that it seems to have gotten.